4 Things to Do After Catching a Snake

Charleston snake

Capturing a snake is possible, even if you are a non-professional. However, it also comes with risks and hazards to your health and life. Therefore, we advise you to take the necessary precautionary measures to catch the animal with a minimum danger level. Once you capture them, you are probably wondering about the next step that you should take. Hopefully, the options that we will mention in this article will guide you towards the right things to do after capturing them.

What Do You Need to Do After Capturing the Snake?
Snakes are mostly harmless creatures. As long as you don’t coerce or threaten them, they will leave you at peace. You don’t have to grab a spade and smash its head. They are reasonable creatures that help in keeping our ecosystem in a state of balance. If you happen to trap one, here are some of the best things that you can do.

1. Should I Send it To the Rehabilitation Facility?
The best way to deal with the snake is to send them to the rehabilitation facility. The people there will prepare them and ensure that they are ready to be released into the wild. Of course, there are some considerations they need to make. They will first analyze the animal for any symptoms of illness or injury; they will then be given the appropriate treatment. The snakes will then be placed in the ‘house’ for about three months before they will be released later. You will also be asked about some of the necessary information about the snake, like where you captured the animal or whether it is a local snake species.

2. Call the Snake Removal Expert
Another option is to hire the assistance of a snake removal expert. They have been handling all types of snake infestation in the past. They will not only deal with the removal and exclusion of the animals, but they can also deal with their release. They have the right equipment and facility to take care of the animals until it is fully capable of surviving in the wild. However, it would be best if you are prepared to handle the cost that comes with it.

3. Call Your Local University
The biology department of your local university may be willing to take the live specimen from you. Mostly, they will take rodents that they can use for research. However, since it is not common for them to find a live snake, there is a high chance that they will need it for their other researches or educational purposes. You will help these experts with their studies, and you can surrender your captured snake to them for free.

4. Call the Animal Control Company
While it is unlikely that the animal control facility will deal with a wildlife infestation, you can still try to call them. There are instances when they might be willing to take a trapped animal. Animal control companies will mostly handle issues related to community pets such as abused animals, injured pets, or stray and lost pets.

Trapping the snakes requires a lot of considerations. You need to be aware of some precautionary measures to ensure that it will not pose a risk to your health and safety. Once you capture them, you can follow some of our recommendations mentioned above for better results. Go back to the home page: Snakes of Charleston